Work Experience as a Geologist and as an Environmental Consultant

Enviromental Site Assessment (phase I and phase II) according to the EPA regulations. Sampling of soil suspected in contamination by petroleum products (TPH,BTEX,PAH,MTBE) and heavy metals. After full chemical analyses, formulating reports with recommendations for further work when needed

Groundwater sampling. 'Low-flow' method using Grundfos pump and conducting various chemical analyses (turbidity, pH, Temp, O2, eh) in the field and later in the laboratory

Soil-gas surveys: Active (TO-15 Summa Canisters) method and passive method (WMS membranes)

Geo-hydrological surveys for consulting companies

Biogas monitoring in landfill sites. Monitoring of air using gas analyzer and constructing contour-maps by geo-statistical software (Surfer). Based on ASTM-D5314

Well logging (drill sitter). Soil and rock characterization (USCS, ASTM-D2488), SPT and vane test + Geophysical Surveys in the field (ERT, Elecrtrical Resistivity Tomography, ultra-sonic tests in the field) + Soil Laboratory (water content, #200mesh sieving, grading) 

Borehole logging: Rock/Soil characterization
Soil-gas survey: EPA-TO-15 Active method. Soil-gas sampling (VOCs) to 6L Summa Canisters
Biogas Monitoring, using Gas Analyzer for methane, CO2 and oxygen content (as well as H2S and CO). VOC monitoring using PID device
Groundwater sampling, "Low-flow" method, using Grundfos pump

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