In the weblog 'Trips in Israel' I will add information about trips I did throughout our beautiful country, so that others will also be able to enjoy its magic

 Daniel Winkler is a Geologist (M.Sc), the Geology department of Ben-Gurion University in southern Israel. His Thesis dealt with water geochemistry: "Silicates Sediments dissolution during interaction with Seawater" under the supervision of Prof. Jiwchar Ganor [Head of Geology Deparment at Ben Gurion University] and Dr. Yehudit Harlavan [Head of   Geochemistry Department at the Israeli Geological Survey in Jerusalem]. Rich work experience as a Geologist and Environmental Consultant. Since October 2018 – ph.D Student at Zuckerberg Institute of Water Research, Ben Gurion University, Sde Boker Campus. Research with the supervision of Dr. Shai Arnon.

Title: "Contamination of Streams in Israel – Interaction of stream-water with the sediment"

The Geology of Israel


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:Motto for life

"If you want to shoot, shoot.. don't talk"

"Think before you act"

"live – and live"

"If you are busy  -you succeed"

It is not good that the man should be alone" – Genesis 2,18"

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